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The Austrian National Bank (Oesterreichische Nationalbank) recently released an interview with Tobias Boos discussing the research areas of the BITELSA project. The full interview is available here.


Circle-U Workshop “Grounding Crypto” on digital infrastructures, 1-3.11.2023, Berlin

In the first week of November 2023 we participated in the Circle-U: “Grounding crypto”, organized in Berlin at the Institute of European Ethnology. The purpose of the workshop, which took place between the first and third of November, was to connect with fellow researchers from various European universities to share our initial findings, gather new ideas, and establish fruitful collaborations for our future endeavors. Our friends and researchers Tobias Boos, Ia Eradze, Juan Grigera, Alexander Harder and Bernd Kasparek participated in the workshop.

The workshop consisted of several parts, including a public roundtable on ephemeral tokens and ubiquitous antennas, through which we wanted to analyze the relationship between sovereignty and digital infrastructures. We also held internal workshops on blockchain analysis, money, sovereignty, digital ethnographies and anthropology, and big data.


“Der Peso ist einen Sch……dreck wert”, Interview with Tobias Boos in Oe1 (Punkt Eins) on dollarization, hyperinflation and the economic situation in Argentina

The political economy of Argentina is a good example of the interplay between the macroeconomic scenario of a country, its monetary policy and its strong relationship with the political system and the electoral situation. Univ. Assis. Tobias Boos presented an intervention in the Ö1 radio program on October 19.